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About JCA

Jewellery Company of Armenia "JCA” has been widely known in the international jewellery market since 2000 and during this quite short period it has become one of the leading companies with its diamond products.
Thanks to its professional work style, the company has gained its popularity and acquired many famous partners.The jewellery items are made of gold 14K and 18K and are designed with diamonds and semi precious stones of different shapes and colors. Jewellery company "JCA” exports its products to many European and CIS countries and to the USA as well. The factory is well equipped with modern high-quality techniques hereby optimizing the production process, widening assortment range and production volumes, making the designs more and more unique. The company stuff is systematically qualified in the USA, France, Switzerland, in the best jewellery institutions in Europe.The assortment of jewellery items satisfied the demand of selective buyers. Due to company’s great potential the collection is regularly renovated. The use of modern technologies helps us to create real masterpieces of art. Hence, the exclusiveness of our jewellery guarantees our long-term success.